Historical costumes in the Sewing Room

See the Nyborg Castle Costume Guild’s beautiful historical costumes. Maybe even put one on for a great photo.

Meet the Costume Guild

For years, the Nyborg Castle Costume Guild has toiled away in the sewing room at the Mayor’s Yard. So far they have produced no fewer than 800 garments which are worn, for example, in the magnificent historic procession during the Danehof celebration, which takes place every year.

Fridays 10.00 am - 12.00 noon (1 March to 25 October, except on bank holidays)

Wednesdays 10.00 am - 3.00 pm during the summer season (17 July - 28 August)

In June, the sewing room is usually a hive of activity in the lead up to the Danehof. At that time, the sewing room is hard at work for the entire month.

Nyborg Slots Dragtlaug arbejder

Try on a costume

If you fancy the idea of playing a character from the Middle Ages or the Renaissance for a while, the Costume Guild will be more than happy to dress you up. There are costumes in all sizes - from large to small. The service is available when the Costume Guild is in the museum, and only with the help of its members.

A lot of delicate and expensive craftsmanship has gone into the costumes, and it is our duty to help take good care of them.

Familie i dragter

The Nyborg Castle Costume Guild

The purpose of the Nyborg Castle Costume Guild is to convey and bring to life historical periods and knowledge of fabrics by taking part in exhibitions, historical markets, workshops and other public engagement/interpretation activities in collaboration with Nyborg Castle and the Mayor’s Yard. The Guild also aims to expand the members’ knowledge of historical costumes and fabrics and, on the basis of this knowledge, to produce copies of historical costumes and fabrics for use in public engagement/interpretation activities.

Nyborg Slots Dragtlaug hænder

Sew your own medieval costume

Would you like to sew your own medieval costume? Then attend an informal creative workshop organised by the Nyborg Castle Costume Guild. Keep an eye on the museum’s calendar for dates.

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