Taste of the history in the yellow kitchen

In the yellow kitchen, they regularly fire up the wood-burning oven. Then they cook old recipes, baked waffles or pancakes, or brew coffee in the old-fashioned way. When the kitchen is busy, samples are always available for any visitors who are curious to try the food.

Food from a wood-burning oven

In the yellow kitchen, food is cooked in the old-fashioned way. The wood-burning oven is fuelled by firewood. The oven is perfect for roasting, baking and boiling. By adding or removing rings on the hob, you can adjust the heat. Barely one hundred years ago, many kitchens in Denmark had such an oven for cooking food. That is partly why the food they served back then was somewhat different from the food we eat today.

Komfuret i det gule køkken på Borgmestergården

Smell the Herb Garden

Outside, in the beautiful setting of the courtyard, a group of volunteers maintains a herb garden, growing some of the herbs that were used to season food and drinks in ancient Nyborg. Sniff the herbs and notice fragrances both familiar and unfamiliar.

Urtehaven på Borgmestergården