A renaissance merchant’s house

The Mayor’s Yard was built in 1601 by the town’s mayor, Mads Lerche, a successful merchant. There had probably been an older building on the site in the past.

A historic merchant’s house

The Mayor’s Yard is a 17th-century merchant and mayor’s residence. It was built in 1601 by the merchant, Mads Lerche, Mayor of Nyborg. In the decades that followed, his son Jacob Lerche added two extra wings. The Mayor’s Yard is a handsome half-timbered complex with three wings and an abundance of space: a prime example of a Renaissance merchant’s residence.

After the 1680s, the building had many different owners and was put to many different uses. Between 1916 and 1922 the Mayor’s Yard was restored and served as the town’s museum and library. The library was relocated in 1939. The photo shows the Mayor’s Yard as it looked prior to 1900.

Borgmestergården før år 1900

The Lerche family at The Mayor's Yard

During the 17th century, Nyborg underwent vigorous development. Merchants traded in goods from all over the world. As in other Danish market towns, the major merchants also held many other offices. Mads Lerche was an enterprising man who, in addition to being a merchant, was also the Mayor. The property was later taken over by his son, Jacob Lerche, who also became a town councillor.

The picture is an epitaph for Jacob Lerche, showing him surrounded by his family. The epitaph hangs in the Church of Our Lady in Nyborg.

Epitafium Mads Lerche